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Prepare for Oil Press

Pretreatment process is necessary before the material is put into the oil press machine, pretreatment quality will directly affect the normal work and oil press yield efficiency. Different fuel has different pretreatment process requirements, but mainly includes the following items.

1. Clear. There are certain impurities in oil materials in the oil processing plant(sediment, stones, scrap iron, etc), it will accelerate oil press internal parts wearing speed, reduce yield efficiency, and even cause failure and accidents if not clear carefully. Cleaning sieve, destone machine, magnetic separation machine and so on are the matched equipment.

2. Shell. Shelled oil materials should shell before press, this can increase production ability and yield efficiency. The matched equipment includes sheller, separation sieve, centrifuges, etc.

3. Broken. Some oil materials can put into the squeeze without pretreatment, but crushing and flaking before press can obviously improve the yield efficiency. The matched equipment is crusher, rolling embryos machine, etc.

4. Cooking. Being as the important link to improve yield efficiency, the commonly cooking method is first wetting the oil materials, then dry those by fry pan make the oil materials to reach the technical requirements, the matched equipment is: steamed fry pan, seed fry pot.

After working for 50 hours lubrication should be checked, oil cup on the reducer casing had better be full of oil, squeezer shaft bearing stretching screw inside should be adjusted screw hole and fill with butter by each class, dry grinding is strictly prohibited. Prevent the embellish part from dust and the other impurities, check reducer casing oil quality every year, replace all the oil when found metamorphism. When squeezing quantity reduces, the bread or the oil is not normal, we should take squeezer shaft out, check squeezer, pressing bar, the wearing of the bread circle, change wear parts in time. After the shift, should remove the bread in the machine, wipe the dirt or oil dirties of the surface. Maintenance is necessary if the production season ended and oil press will be long stored, and unpick squeezer, pressing bar, bread circle and oil them after washing, put in dry place.

Before the installation, should clean the new oil press completely. Spare spindle, discharge the cage, with emery cloth to burnish squeezer surface, the inner surface and spiral feeder bright and clean. Oil all lubrication part, use lubricating oil for gear box of the varieties and brand comply with the requirements of the instruction. Circle line after burnished bright and clean must be installed in the same position arrangement, cannot dislocation, for the arrangement of the position and the order of row has great relationship with performance of press. Circle line after installed it should be pressed with nut pressure, compaction degree is advisable when the circle line in the press can move when crawling. Oil press through above treatment, use the anchor bolts to fix it in the basis. In the installation, the pulley motor oil press pulley should be aligned, location moderate, rotate at the correct direction, the tightness of the belt of rewinding should be adjusted properly.

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