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Choosing Proper PTO Pellet Mill?

With the development of agricultural mechanization and the rural economy, agricultural machinery of homework expanded, and a large quantity of agricultural machinery associated work with PTO (power take off) emerges, such as harvester, straw granular crusher, pellet mill machine and so on. The application of these tools not only reduce the labor intensity of farmers, improve the quality and comprehensive benefit of homework, but also improve the utilization rate of the tractor, reduce unnecessary investment, increase income for farmers.

The power comes out from secondary reduction gear of the gearbox output terminal of the tractor, directly driven shaft gear on the first motive power output axis installed on the back cover, by the first power output shaft, through embedded clutch on the first shaft, the power can be spread to the second shaft.Therefore, realize the two shafts output power at the same time or at different times, and can use the speed device of small tractor for multiple speed. Its features are: the wet clutch that transfers power to gear case, through the gear case with some transmission device to output power, wet clutch is controlled by electromagnetic reversing valve, the control switch of electromagnetic reversing valve layout in the tractor driving cab.

The PTO pellet mill is a new type machine to output device power of tractor, fill the blank of tractor motive power output device, with the PTO power output device can get power directly from the engine of the tractor, convenient and quick, broaden the scope of application of the pellet mill and many other agricultural machines.

When choosing a PTO pellet mill, people should pay attention to the power matching, output power of the PTO should be equal to or greater than the output power of the driven agricultural machine, or else the tractor will work overload and low rotate speed even flameout or damage to the relevant components. On the other hand people should also pay attention to the parameters matching, the so-called parameters of power output device matches with the parameters of the driven agricultural machine, that is driving the rotating speed, wheel diameter, spline specifications, from ground level and rotation direction of the farm tools parts should be match with tractor motive power output device. According to the different work project requirements rationally choose power output device in order to achieve the best effect. People should check the fastening bolts of the transmission part, whether transmission shaft and transmission belt joint is firmly, lubricated in time, we must pay special attention to install security protection device, and don’t stand near the drive shaft. When leave the PTO unused for a long time, shield it to prevent rust. PTO pellet mill makes it available to take the energy from the engine of a tractor or truck to a pellet mill, in that way people who owns tractor or truck will set free from buying pellet mill equipped with motor, they can connect their pellet mill to their tractor with PTO.

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