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Vertical Pellet Mill

For those individuals or corporations interested in a perfect pelleting machine for heavy duty tasks such as producing wood and bbq for all individual and corporate use, then vertical pellet mill is the perfect choice. This pellet mill vertical orientation allows it to be easily operated by one mill operator hence the entire plant can have as little as two operators one feeding the hammer mill another manning the pellet mill and managing packaging process.

Being flat die based, these mills are capable of heavier duty than ring die mills. Pellet mill vertical is made of durable materials that resistant to wear and tear and it can deliver the pellets as required even work under extreme load. Either cast iron or steel can make it of such good performance. Cast iron is used in making the crucibles and the rollers which are heavy duty and like the crucible resistant to wear.

The height of pellet mill vertical is one design factor that has to be considered when acquiring a these equipment's components. Considerable space is required for the conveyor loading the ground dried material since the flat die pellet mill has to be fed from the top. It drops down into a distributor to be finely along on the pellet machine's crucible if the material has passed through the steamer, in this way the seam will be attached to the top of the machine.

Another design factor that has to be considered is that the pellet mill vertical orientation implies that there will be need to be a conveyor system to transmit the hot pellets to a cooler which may in some cases where the pelleting plant has several storey's be immediately below the pellet mill hence elimination the need of conveyors.

It is also important to note that some coolers, such as the counter flow cooling component, can be constructed right above the packaging equipment, as a result of this, there will be no need of further conveyors as hot pellets will be fed directly from the pelleting mill above. However, when employing cooling components such as the one using heat exchangers will require one to have conveyor belts since these components are built around the belts.

It is better if you think over some factors before you buy a vertical pellet mill. The first factor is the worm wheel drive. This drive has to be highly accurate and steady to avoid accumulation of pellet raw materials on one side one than the other, considering the fact that the rollers also act in distributing the pellet raw material evenly on the crucible. Cooling mechanism for the pellet mill vertical stature is also a factor to take into account. When exposed to heat which is generated when the pellets are being produced, the components the pellet mill is made of will tend to expand, so cooling is very important. Most large scale flat die pellets mills are oil cooled but a small ones would generally be air cooled.

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